November 24, 2009

Hot Damn!!

Today has been a good day. Well, it started off really boring. I hate waking up early and trying to play. Every time I wake up early, I find myself standing in Whitegate because all of the Americans are dead asleep and I'm left with primarily Japanese players. Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with the Japanese but I notice that they rarely ever use the auto-translate feature. So rather than stare a bunch of squiggly lines until I fall back to sleep, I decided to run out to good old Cape Terrigan. It's so addicting.

After a few runs of taking Karyn through hordes of bunnies and lizards, she is now getting very close to level 70. ^_^ Finally, the journey is nearing its end. Of course, nothing special is going to happen, it will just be something that I know I've taken from start to finish. I find joy in the simple things.

Then I took a trip to Al'Taieu with Davik so we could could kill some oversized fish and take their organs. I'm working on ungimping my jobs so I'm after the gorgets for the various weaponskills. Tifa and I collected the majority of organs for my Snow Gorget and Domie helped me get the last few. (if you're reading this, thanks Domie. ^^) Now I'm working on Light, and then I'll slowly work my way through the rest of them. It's not too painful, until you need to get the Yovra organs. I hate those things.

Now for the fun stuff. Nyzul Isle. That place has given me so much pain and frustration, yet I keep going back. I tell you, I must really love pain. Not long ago, I did manage to get my hands on the Goliard Saio, so I was pretty happy. Again, it's another piece of ass-ugly armor, but was free. My main goal has been the Askar Korazin. Yes, I know...the Haubergeon is better overall until you get the relic weapon, but Askar looks better. So shut it.

Let me give you a brief description of how the runs have been so far.

1. Shout for members
2. Wait.
3. Shout for members
4. Members join
5. Shout for that one job you need now that you are 5/6
6. An hour passes
7. Some members leave.
8. Shout for members.

Wait...that's not describing the run, but I thought you should know anyway. Here's the breakdown of the run:

Floor 76: Kill all enemies

Floor 77: Kill specified enemy
1. Player A aggros wrong enemy or standard NM
2. Player B says "WTF"
3. Player A shrugs
4. While remaining players are fighting the true target, Player A brings aggro to the group
5. Player C attempts to sleep aggro, but Player A put a DoT on it.
6. Death ensues

Floor 77: Eliminate Leader, Avoid Discovery by Gears
1. Player A aggros every gear on the floor.
2. Player B sighs

Floor 78: Activate Lamps
1. Player A discovers a single lamp
2. Player C asks what type of lamp
3. Player A: "It's a tall lamp."
4. Player B loses connection

Floor 79: Eliminate Specified Enemies
1. Player A is told to wait at rune
2. Party splits and begins to take out the targets
3. Enemies are killed and floor is cleared.
4. Party waits.
5. Player D wonders why we haven't changed floors.
6. Player E runs to rune.
7. Player E discovers that Player A went afk during that time.
8. Mass /slap emotes and threats are relayed.

Floor 80: Leader
1. Pull Rampart for TP.
2. Player A aggros leader before Rampart is destroyed
3. Shouts of "WTF?!" can be heard from inside Nyzul Isle all the way to Bhaflau Thickets
4. Enemy is killed and an item that Player A has listed drops
5. Party leader exits floor before Player A lots.
6. Player A is then booted from the party.
7. Shout for members.

I say this in jest, but you know you've all had some experience close to what I've described. Granted, they haven't all been this bad. It's mostly just craptastic drops when we kill the boss. However, today was a special day. That's right my loyal minions, I am the proud owner of an Askar Korazin! Whoo Hoo! Now to get the helm, and maybe the pants. One extra sexy Samurai, coming right up!

Oh yeah baby! Askar = mine!!