November 14, 2009



I got things working again. Of course, I had to completely wipe my hard drive, but hey...I've got a pc backup so it's all groovy. After a long install, I'm back and ready to go. Whoo!!


Matheus said...

Saw you bought my stuff I spent a day farming for Shantotto mission 3 ^^. I completely undercut the price before I got undercut and had to sell it for like 100gil.

Went 1/4 on last kit, not before leveling Alchemy till lvl6. ; ;

Now I have to kill all avatars again, yesterday I gathered the turning forks so while I'm there I can kill them and get 10k more. lol

Being poor sucks ; ;


Jacinda said...

Hey, if you want, I'll join you for the avatar kills. I actually got all the forks last night and got bored afterwards.

Yeah, I was lazy and didn't feel like farming a bunch of stuff. Thankfully, I went 1/1 on every synth, including the kit at the end. Go go 22 Alchemy!

salute77 said...

Hey congratulations! I'd just seen a weird fix for 360s recently involving having to use an MP3 player to get things going, oddly enough. Hopefully you remain problem free. lol

- Cai