November 24, 2009

The Summoning

For all of my Wings of the Goddess fans, let me tell you that this expansion has yet to disappoint. The storyline is shaping up nicely, and while you have a general idea of the events that will take place, the way they are presented helps keep everything from becoming stale.

On top of that, the story does a lot to tie up loose ends and delve deeper into some of the AF quests that you'll see over the course of playing and leveling various jobs. One that comes to mind is the Ranger story. While watching the cutscenes, they fill in several plot holes that may have had you wondering how certain things came to be. Again, this is only one example. If you've been stalling on checking out these missions, do yourself a favor and go see this. Whichever nation you are aligned with, I'm certain the quality is just as good. (Though I am biased, because Windurst owns everyone.)

Since Windurst is my nation, I can truly only talk about that story. For all of you who've ever considered taking up the Summoner job, these last two missions will truly inspire you to unlock and level the job. Seriously, the scene was just that good. You can understand a bit more about why we are able to summon avatars so easily but Karaha-Baruha met a very unfortunate fate. What we call forth is merely a fraction of the power that was used to save Windurst in its final hour. It was truly an epic moment, and so many things are revealed to you. I would say that in all of the scenes so far, there have been three "emotional" moments. This is certainly one of them.

The calm before the storm...

The Hero of Windurst, Karaha-Baruha.

This has to be the best display of summoning ever.

Zolka and Kayeel, stunned at the sight of Karaha's powerful incantation.

The true size of Fenrir makes Windurst's grand scale seem tiny in comparison.

Patriotism is not the only motivation for a soldier.

While I didn't see anything about Lilisette and her predicament, this portion of the expansion was a worthwhile addition. Just a shame that now I've got to wait for several months since the scene ends on a cliffhanger. Damn you SE.