November 13, 2009


Ok, today's Friday the 13th, and it's usually just a bunch of paranoid people running around with a bunch of unwarranted fears because they watched too many scary movies as kids.

Well, turns out that bad luck is apparently the only thing on today's menu because that's all I've been getting. I come back to FFXI with a new attitude and ready to play, but guess what?

I can't play anymore.

No, I'm not banned. My FailBox had an issue. It failed.

No worries, I got a new one and it seems to be working fine. Unless you take into account that FFXI won't install on it. POL installed on my old hard drive without any problems. Got my account linked again and everything was good. Went to install the main game again and it just sits at a black screen.

I've been trying various solutions for the past 3 hours and nothing has worked thus far. I'd buy it for my PS3 but I hear the game runs like crap on that system and my PC is almost as old as some of the teenagers in my neighborhood.

If you see something on the news about a place in Maryland that mysteriously goes up in flames...well, that's me releasing my rage.