January 23, 2010

Family Reunion and a dose of Humble Pie

Well, the first event of our reformed LS was pretty exciting. Actually it was just Dynamis, but the fact that I haven't done that with my shell in almost half a year makes it more exciting and fun than normal. On top of that, guess what?


I am on a freaking roll. It could just be due to our best Paladin, Ameyna, being gone but I'm going to believe it's because they like it when I tank. So I've been able to tank Kirin and now I'm tanking iceland zones in Dynamis. How cool is that? It's damned cool, thank you very much.

As usual, I was nervous. Thankfully, Hamichin was there to help out with tanking whenever I died or had to unexpectedly go afk for a moment. I died quiet a few times during the run, but I guess that's a good thing when you're a paladin. Better me than the rest of the ls, right?

I don't know which was more exciting: the fact that I was tanking in Dynamis, or knowing that my old shell was finally back together again. Regardless, it made for a great night. On top of that, the night was made even more awesome because one of my closest friends, Yokorye was invited to the ls too. The only thing that could've made the night better was if I got the RDM body that dropped, but I'm not RDM main. I'll get it eventually though.

Of course, when you have an awesome night, it's inevitable that you will run into a night that's less than awesome. This just happened to be yesterday, at Xarcabard. I showed up as a SAM but was asked to change to Paladin. I don't know what got into to me, but I was fumbling at every turn. The only pld there, and I just froze up. I started provoking the wrong enemies and had to disengage to get to the right one, or I would just blank out at random times.

The thing that got me the most was the provoke order. I've been going over the wiki page and memorizing the enemy names and corresponding jobs so I don't mess up the next time, but it would've saved us all a headache if I had done that prior to the run. Of course, I wasn't expecting to tank, but that really isn't a valid excuse.

As we moved further in, I got the hang of it and was doing better, but the screw ups of earlier just wouldn't get out of my head. I kept seeing our Japanese mates typing the usual squiggles followed by "w", the equivalent of "lol" in English. Thanks to my infinitesimally low self-confidence, I immediately assumed they were laughing at my performance. The urge to just say hell with it and leave was definitely there but that would not have done any good, for me or my ls. So I brushed it off and kept moving.

Thankfully, a bit of focus and advice from some ls mates made all the difference for the rest of the run. I got my act together and we went on to finish farming the zone until the time ran out. We did get a few groovy drops, but no head pieces unfortunately. I felt pretty damned stupid last night, but I suppose that everyone has a bad day. Just means I need to practice dynamis tanking more. ^^

Despite my mistakes, my ls helped me through. *warm and fuzzy moment*