January 25, 2010


I had a lot of stuff happen yesterday, but I've got to talk about this one separately. Roaming around Whitegate depressed at the fact that we lost the damn astral candy...AGAIN! I swear, we are the laughing stock of Besieged. Anyway, someone was shouting for Nyzul 80, Denali/Goliard up for grabs. I've been saving up for some 60 runs because I really want those askar hands, but I figured this couldn't hurt.

Note to can hurt, and it did.

Last time, I saw the signs of a less than ideal run, but it was a bit late to do anything. This time around, it was a bit different. I still went, so shame on me for being the optimistic idiot. I sent a tell to the leader and said I'd go SAM and wanted to lot Denali. It's pretty, and the last body piece to collect from there. I got geared up and headed to the ruins.

Judgment (from my LS) happened to be there too, so it was nice to not be in a total group of strangers. We still needed a 6th, and one appeared a few minutes after a got to the ruins. Then we waited for awhile. A long while. I'm talking 20 minutes or so. I have a serious problem with sitting idle. Ask anyone. If I sit still for more than a few minutes, I fall asleep. Mild narcolepsy or something; I don't know. After I woke up from my nap, I noticed that 45 minutes had passed from the time I arrived. I expected to be kicked, but everyone was still waiting because the entire party wasn't in the ruins yet.

The leader said that he and his friend needed a few more minutes. By this time, I was getting annoyed, but some LS chatter kept me distracted long enough to not blow up at random people. The leader returned, but our thief was still away. When I asked where he was, it was revealed that he was feeding his child. Now, I'm all for baby care and whatnot, as reality takes precedence over FFXI. However, I do believe that you should let your party know that you're going to be gone for awhile so we can all wait it out or get a replacement. Finding out what you're doing 30 minutes into your task is just a bit late.

We decided to go in and just leave him at the rune of transfer when everything began. This is where I should have disbanded. We get inside and start getting ready. Everyone does the implied "/" so we can move forward, but the leader doesn't move. After about a minute of waiting, I get really impatient. I start to ask what's going on and then I look at the screen.

I'll be damned if the red dot of doom didn't appear. 45 minutes of waiting to enter, and the moment we go in...our party leader and sponsor for the run loses connection. Well now I'm not happy because my tag was used as soon as we got in. We're down to 4 people cause the thief is still afk and we're all standing in the waiting room like idiots. Now I'm really frustrated because if I used my flies, I'd completely waste a tag. So to hell with it. I paid for the run and we moved on. That was so stupid of me.

Our first task was a "family" and avoid gears. As luck would have it, or not, the enemy of choice was none other than Racing Chariots. I knew I should have just left. So it's up to Judgment and I (BLU and SAM) to drop these things and try to move on. We had two RDMs for cures and all, which was definitely helpful. Midway into the second fight, the leader shows up. He comes in and now we've got to get through to the rest of the chariots. Unfortunately, one we saw was in a room just across from us and had 3 puddings, a mousse, and two Archaic Gears. Guess who was the only one with a ranged attack since the thief was gone? Yeah. Aggro city and I died. I tried to pull them away and just die so they'd depop or something, but I was healed and we ended up wiping.

We all got raised and then the thief manages to return. After we unweaken, we proceed to kill the remaining chariots and salvage what we could of the run. Not surprisingly, there wasn't much left. When the last chariot was nearly dead, we got a 5 minute warning. 25+ minutes on floor 76.

We cleared the floor and promptly got the hell out of there. 105 token reward. Ladies and gentleman, Jaci was pissed. Mostly because I was too damned stupid to just leave when I had a bad feeling. I need to trust my gut reaction more.