January 18, 2010

I hate pickups

I don't get it. Why are pickup groups so damned horrible most of the time? I understand that a pickup party in Valkurm Dunes has a high rate of failure, but why are event pickups even worse? What the hell gets into people?

I did two Nyzul 60's today, and they failed. One fail was because we only had 5 minutes left just as we finished floor 58, and the other was because we ran out of time on 59. Yeah, we ran out of time.


I mean, we weren't even at the boss floor. How does this happen? I'm a bit more understanding on floors 1-5. You more or less rid your mind of expectations and just go with the flow, but on 56-60? We're going to get some bs floors, and I understand that. Really, I do. At the same time, have we not all done Nyzul Isle enough to learn to adapt to a shitty situation? Do we not know the enemy behavior and the things that we should be doing when we're wandering around the place?

Oh but it gets better. At least I got credit towards my next Rank Evaluation for Nyzul, and my two deaths could easily be recovered when I go play in the sandbox. However...

I did it again. I went back to that goddamned ISNM and tried my luck. I'm starting to seriously hate this event. It's not that fact that I get crap for drops; I'm use to that and more or less expect it. Besides I get 24k just for going, and that's pretty much a winning deal for a poor person.

What I hate about the event is that I die every time I go there. I just don't understand this. If the whole party is dying, then I can't expect anyone to focus on me. However; if the rest of the party is at 90% or more, and I'm sitting there with 147/1337 HP...yeah, I kind of expect that maybe I'd get a heal. Since I am the one with hate and on the verge of dying, it would be nice to toss a cure or more my way (for the record, I do NOT mean Cure III). What I don't expect, is to see my healer casting a damned Dia II spell midway through the fight while I'm one hit from dying. To hell with dia and heal me damn it!

/sigh. I'm obviously frustrated today. Been bored as hell all day and when I am finally able to do something other than Fields of Boredom and soloing yet another job, they all fail.

Maybe I should just go buy Bayonetta and take a day off of FFXI.


Evilpaul said...

If I had any money (and my PS2 worked worth a piss) I'd go and buy the Devil May Cry collection and then buy a modern console and get Bayonetta.

Me <3's stylishly stabbing things and then shooting them.

Matheus said...

One of these days i decided to spend my hard-earned Imperial Standings (i only get them when I do meripos) on a ISNM shout. Needless to say I went *RDM*. And all 6 fights went pretty smooth, no one died at all. Just the first person got the khroma, and then again, i fail at having any kind of luck in getting money items.

PS: I'm ALWAYS looking for a SAM to do Hagun with me. And if you want, we can set up static Jaci. My SAM friend just quit game and I'm fucked up right now.