January 15, 2010

Insert meaningless title here.

Fancy title huh? Actually, I was skimming through my posts and realized that we haven't had a random picture post yet. So here we go! You're welcome. ^^

Shikikoyo Happiness

As usual, I tried to get something more than a chocobo egg from Jade Sepulcher. No such luck, but I did find this amusing. While we were waiting in the lobby for our Bard to run to the staging point (she was out of Imperial Standing.. ouch) one of our Sams decided to share his TP with our Taru RDM. He was just a tad excited to get a chance at using some TP:

Don't you just love Tarus?

General Failure

Siren server currently holds the FFXI Besieged record, well over 2000 wins and zero losses. Hades; on the other hand...well, we don't have that record. I think either the developers like screwing with us, or we just have a lot of players who don't give a damn and simply wait for the Japanese to retrieve the astral candy whenever we lose it.

Sucks being alone in Besieged.

Merits; or lack thereof

You know what's worse than not going to merit parties? Having merits and never using them. Yeah, how many of you can check your exp screen and see this one?

Is there a G1 for a merit limit increase? {I'm interested}

iTank, again!

I started doing Sky with my new shell, Shields of Valor (they aren't recruiting now, sorry) and on my second event, I got to be a Paladin! w00t! I dressed in my my shiny armor and Shield Bashed a pretty kitty in sky. Well, wait. I guess Byakko is the real kitty of sky, and Kirin is just...hell I don't know. Either way, I hit him in the face and it was awesome. I do enjoy my tanking moments, however brief they may be.

That's right, Jacinda CAN tank!

Collecting dust

Somebody. Anybody. Do some BCNMs with me.

Creativity {Can I have it?}

Hey, where are you? I am....Everywhere. >.>

Dragon Fodder

Know your enemy, or end up being a part of their stuffed doll collection.

I'd post more, but today is supposed to be an awesome day for the members of Epic. We're getting back together! It's like a family reunion without the chicken and beer. Still, it should be a blast!