January 13, 2010

Unshakeable Resolve

We hear a lot about things people do that make you say wow in an MMO. Camping NMs for days at a time, being the first to own some cool gear, reaching incredible numbers with weaponskill damage, and so many other things that can make a person feel a little intimidated. Almost as if you are in a world of players who have reached a level that you can only dream of.

One of the seemingly common dreams of many players is having a fully upgraded relic weapon. Wielders of these divine creations have a sense of accomplishment that few others will ever experience in their MMO lifetime. The process involved in taking a Stage 1 relic to its final phase is a grueling experience that challenges the most die-hard player. It's a process so long and difficult that some people simply give up long after they begin the upgrades.

It usually takes the help of an entire linkshell to raise the money involved in buying materials or defeating the enemies that harbor necessary items along the way. I say usually because today I was able to see a weapon that was upgraded in a completely different way.

This one was done alone.

100% self-funded relic weapon. Not one of the ultra-rich players with billions of gil to throw around, and not a gil-buyer or one of the lucky Rank 1 Mog Bonanza winners. Just someone with a vision, a plan, and determination that carried him from start to finish.

I saw him in Whitegate, hanging out in his usual unassuming RSE that you start out with. We normally greet each other with a hurray or a smile, and then we chat for a bit on the progress of his weapon.

There wasn't any chatting this time though. He smiled, and the cheerfully said "I've done it!" I took a look at his side and saw the symbol on his great katana. I checked him, and sure enough, he was now wielding the Samurai relic.

I remember seeing it while in phase 4, so it was only a matter of time. Still, seeing the completed weapon was even more impressive.

Not only did he start the journey, but he took it to completion...and he did it alone. That's serious dedication. Congrats to you Neo, you most certainly have earned it.


Evilpaul said...

Wow! He said he had finished collecting currency, and there's the finished blade! :-D