March 31, 2010

Creative Ideas

First, thanks to everyone that responded to my earlier blog. I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what I should do in regards to my play habits and what I will do from this day forward.

I'm going to continue to sign on and spend time with my friends. Despite the tone of constant bitching that exists on this blog, I'm actually quite happy when I'm online. I will be more cognizant of the hours that I play and will make certain that I adhere to the midnight-12:30 cutoff time during the week. Weekends are still going to be my free-for-all days. Hopefully my early sign offs don't cause too many problems with my ls but if it does, then oh well. I love my ls, but man there are days when I feel like we are going nowhere while every other ls makes astounding progress. That's a blog for another time though.

Anyway, I really do appreciate what all of you said. Also, holy crap at having 5 readers!!! All of Vana'diel will soon know my name!


Shut up and let me dream.

Anyway, on to the main topic.

I've been looking at new layouts for my blog from time to time, and I have to say that I'm not very impressed with some of the designs I see. Some of them are neat, but I want something that is tailored to me. One of the things I want most is a signature graphic. Not something super cluttered like I see on forum signatures, and definitely not something so big that you need two monitors for it. I'd take a picture from my failBox and manipulate that to my liking but, the images aren't that great in quality and usually too small to work with.

I understand there's a modeling program that you can use to dress and pose your characters, then take awesome screenshots as well. This would be ideal except the fact that I play on the failBox and the program doesn't work for that. I do think my aging PC will play FFXI, though I'm not so sure how well it would do.

Do any of you have other ideas on how to get some custom images to use in signatures? Or would you be willing to take my character information (jobs, gear, facial model, etc.) and create something? Any ideas would be appreciated.


Dizzmal said...

I can walk you though some programs, but depending how HQ of a sig you want will depend on how much your willing to spend or your like me and how much your willing to torrent programs.

Jacinda said...

That would be great. I'll send you a tell in-game. ^^