March 8, 2010

Sitting in Limbo

I have a question to everyone out there:

Does anyone have any *official* information regarding this server merge?

No one seems to know anything now. At first, it seemed that the merge was happening on March 9th, which has thrown my server into a farming frenzy. Linkshells that normally run 4-5 days a week are now 24/7 farming whenever enough people log on. People are either performing spring cleaning in their Mog Houses to sell everything they own in fear of losing money, or buying the AH bare of things that they believe will make extra gil during the transfer.

I might be alone in saying this, but I think this transfer will have more of an impact on people than the future updates. With content updates, you're just getting used to new abilities, game mechanics, and maybe some spells or armor. Forget all that for now; we're about to do something much more drastic. Our entire "lifestyle" on our servers will get completely rearranged for awhile...possibly permanently depending on where you're going. I think of that as being a major ordeal. Getting used to a few people at a time? Sure, that's easy. An entire server isn't quite so simple.

Now it seems that this update will happen anywhere between the 9th and the 26th, but there isn't a single shred of proof anywhere to be found. Surely SE had the foresight to realize something like this would happen when they made the announcement, so don't you think it would be nice to let out an official date?


Evilpaul said...

I have a feeling we're a day away from another announcement and probably concrete date details. But then again who knows? I'd kind of like to have some idea what the hell's going on too.

After like five years on Hades moving to a new server involuntarily is kind of weird.

james said...

Oh I dunno I look at it as a good way to shake up the economy a little bit, sure we're gonna turn things on its ear by wiping the AH clean, but think of the people you'll be able to impress with your 1337 PUP (and zomg that guy is DCing again) skills...

Krissykat said...

Heyheyhey ;)
I miss talkin to you, I need to take time out of aion and log on my chara to talk to youz! Do you see Serrah around? Haha wow it's weird to say Serrah instead of Kiriyu now. Kinda don't like it :P I was curious as to when the merges started too.. it sounds really crazy ovar thar.