March 22, 2010

The Last Hurrah

Well, this is it. The moment all the forums are buzzing about and people stating that they'll quit the game over. Tomorrow is the first of several updates and the day of the World Merge.

It's kind of funny that people are so emotional over the servers combining. It's not as if the zones will be any different, and we'll have more people. However, while I played today, it all makes sense. It won't be "our" world anymore, and that's why people feel the way they do.

New people won't care; nothing really changes for them. If you've spent more than a few months here though, it's a whole different story. Every zone has a history; a moment. Something you did or witnessed that just sticks with you. After tomorrow, it just won't feel like home anymore. We'll look at Whitegate as Cerberus-Whitegate, not Hades-Whitegate. The expected drama won't be the same, nor will party formations or seeing the usual passerbys at various locations.

Granted, it will all be new to us. Getting used to a new economy, new faces, new drama. It's a bit daunting when you think about it. Sure, we bitch about there not being enough people around at any given time, but now we're going from not enough to a whole lot. I think it will be a fun experience once everyone gets adjusted, but the beginning might be a bit rough. Two bullheaded servers merging together is going to be...amusing.

Anyway, today started off pretty slow and I actually became rather frustrated. I figured since this is our final day that there would be more excitement. Things were pretty dead from what I saw. I started out with Campaign for a bit and worked to get my Moonlight Medal back. I got close, but then boredom sat in and I took a nap. When I came back, I headed to Whitegate to see what was good out there. Nada, so I took another nap. Then I went to craft for awhile, but there weren't any Sleepshrooms on the AH. I went to my Mog House and chilled for awhile, trying to decide what to do. I didn't really think there would be a lot of partying going on and I hate soloing Dancer at the moment. So guess what I did? No, I didn't take another nap. I went back to FF13 for awhile. Then I took another nap. I just couldn't figure out what to do in FFXI, and I really wanted to.

I wanted to make a memory. Something that would stay with me. Nothing was coming to mind and it was making me more and more upset as time went on.

Rather than dwell on that, I went to help Alerith with his Corsair leveling. That was disastrous. I admit that navigating the Nyzul ruins can be a pain if you don't do it alot but it shouldn't be a life-threatening task. That's how it seemed at times. Oh yeah, and staging points. I formally declare that no one is allowed to have a 75 job without the 4 main staging points. Azoulp Isle, Mamool Ja, Halvung, and Nyzul Isle. Dvucca Isle and Illrusi Atol are mainly for Assault, but the other four are required. While it doesn't take all day to get any one of these staging points, it's bloody annoying as hell when you have a full party that has to wait on one or two people that don't have them. You never know when you'll use them, and it's always good to have them ready to go when the time comes. Aside from that, we had other party issues and things just didn't work out. I'll help Ale more after we move.

So that went to pieces and I took another nap. Man, I really slept a lot today. Maybe that's why I'm awake and blogging now. I don't know what the hell I did to pass the rest of the time. Between naps, FF13 and staring at my spinning Moogle, there just wasn't much going on. I was waiting for 7:45pm because then I'd have a tag to use for that damn Nyzul 80 run.

In the meantime, I found out we were going to do Limbus tonight. That's a bit unusual because Sunday is normally our free day. I guess since it's the last day here and all, it makes sense to do something. However, that got cancelled and I was going to start a Nyzul shout. Two things happened instead. A new person happened to find me via the Mentor search and asked if I'd help with subjob items. Again, nothing exciting, but why not. Give back to the community and all. So off to the doomz I go. I think it took about 5 flies and it was over, so then I went to do a KSNM with Krystallls and Viceroy. Started off slow but we got it together and had some awesome runs. Me and my infinite stupidity decided to pass on using my orb so other people could do their runs and I didn't feel like waiting for everyone to make the trip from West Sarutabaruta to Balgas Dias each time. So now I have three orbs that won't see the light of day. Lachesis, Moon, and a Themis orb. I am on a roll.

Afterwards, I decided to do that Nyzul run. The last one on Hades, how could I pass it up? We had a really good party setup. DRK (Krys), SAMx2 (Vice and myself), BRD (Epic), THF (Orzhov), and Twist as RDM. Combine a good setup with good floors and things went extra smoothly. Naturally, we had to face off against Cerberus on floor 80. The enemy of our run shares the name with the very server that we are being assimilated with. Such a lovely coincidence, no?

Somehow, Twist doesn't have puppy affinity when it comes to Cerberus cause it killed him very early in the fight. I immediately got worried because the last time our RDM died early, we wiped. I don't blame him though, our THF got behind Cerb to use his weaponskill, which in turn caused our little doggy to do his version of Spike Flail and Twist did his best to keep us alive. Which just happened to get him killed. Twist gets back up and is dropped again due to AoE. Now I'm worried. Our only source of healing was coming from Epic, who was BRD/WHM and we had a long way to go. Luck was on our side because Cerb hadn't used his Stoneskin ability. Then he got to around 2% and gave us the proverbial middle finger. Stoneskin in your face at 2% suckas! /sigh.

Fortune smiled on us and we ended up winning. Naturally, no Denali dropped. We did get another Goliard so Twist now has all three Nyzul bodies. No more tags and no events going on, so that was my cue to exit. Not exactly the best memory for a last day on the server, but whatever.

So, tomorrow starts a new era for the residents of Hades. The zones will look the same, have the same enemies, and same structures. Yet, deep down, it won't be the same. Farewell Hades.

Do not go gentle into that goodnight. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


Evilpaul said...

Just an FYI, but Sleepshrooms are 100% drops off of the Exorays in Crawler's Nest. I used to get about half a stack or more doing the Escort Quest for an EXP scroll every week.

Jacinda said...

Oh? Nifty. Considering I'll need to get a hold of Scorpion Claws from that place too, I might as well set up camp and just farm it all at once. Besides, I'm sure people won't be mad at me for killing those Exorays since most parties get owned by them. Thanks EP. ^_^