March 25, 2010

Do unto others...

Yesterday was a pretty emotional post. I was pissed about the way I entered this new server, my name gets taken from me, and I'm greeting by some immature jackasses upon logging on. Not the best start to a day. Today, I decided to give it another shot.

I was talking to Caliburn earlier and he told me the obvious "they aren't all bad here" story. Of course I know that. It's just easier to look at everyone as bad rather than sift through the crap to find people that you can actually like.

As I said yesterday, I have no justifiable reason for my actions and based them all on emotion. Logic eventually prevailed and I warped out of Crawler's Nest, which is where I previously decided to barricade myself and stay away from most people for awhile . I wasn't about to suddenly do a 180 and try to rub elbows with everyone, but I'd at least attempt to give people a chance. I ended up switching to Dancer and went out to solo for a bit. I ran into a PLD who happened to be doing a FoV page right where I was. Rather than see who could kill the fastest and take over the camp, I offered to team up. Come to find out, he's Japanese. Yay for language barriers. >.>

He agreed and we hung out for awhile, trading broken English and botched Japanese phrases with each other. It was pretty fun to be honest. Then when it was over, I made another stupid mistake of /healing and nearly getting myself killed by those damn Voidwalkers. Thankfully, I was far enough away that I didn't summon it, but I was damn close. I told my new JP buddy about it, but he had no clue what I meant. So I took him to the NPC who could better explain it. Then we decided to look for one and see what we could do. Brilliant guy that he was, he changed from 42 PLD to 75 DRK. Me, on the other hand, decided to stay a feeble little 41 DNC and go looking around. I mean, why not? I had a Galkan Dark Knight with me, I knew I was safe.

We ran to Rolanberry Fields to look around when my crystal started showing signs of an NM nearby. So I threw up some shadows and went on the hunt, with Cloviss close behind. Just as I was about to spawn it, another party was nearby who was also after the same NM.

Surprisingly, they asked to team up. I expected them to try spawning it first, but I was pleasantly surprised by their request. I accepted and thenspawned the NM. I didn't know jack about this thing, but I swung my little daggers with pride. I might have hit it twice during the entire fight. Of course, I looked it up later and realized it was level 83. I felt pretty stupid, but whatever. Then it was time for Cloviss to get some sleep, and the other party welcomed me into theirs.

We spent the next couple of hours traveling to different zones, spawning various Tier I Abysseans and trying to figure out how this whole thing worked. I understand it now, but i was pretty lost at the start. We also tried our hand at spawning a Tier II NM. I mean, how hard could it be right? Hahahaha. You know where this is headed.

The four of us got our ass kicked pretty quickly. It evaded a lot of attacks, cast Tier IV spells, and then it happily Chainspelled and told us to lay down and die like good boys and girls. Bring more people for Tier II Abysseans. Just giving you a forewarning. The NM spawning and fighting went on for awhile and then we decided to go our separate ways. As soon as I popped up in Whitegate, I noticed a WotG shout for the mission I was on. Luckily, it was with the same guy from yesterday. More on that later, as WotG posts always deserve to be isolated from the rest of my ramblings. After the mission, we all talked about what was going on and then the conversation of what server we're from came up.

I promptly prepared for the server bashing comments to come. None did, which was a big relief. Instead, we all just had a fun time chatting for a bit. I even got some new people on my friend list. I even told them that the welcome they gave was a hell of a lot better than what I saw initially.

I guess the point of all this was to say that I know everyone on the server isn't a jackass, and it just means that I have to give each person the chance to show their colors. In reality, I'd want them to give me the same chance that they deserve as well. So far, I've been pleased with the people I've actually talked to. I'm sure I'll meet some asses soon enough, and hopefully I'll be in Xarcabard [S] or some other place where an MPK opportunity won't be far away.