March 25, 2010

Just to clarify

I guess it would probably help if you all knew what my new name is so you stop ignoring me when I wave to you. It's now "Carinde." If I had to guess, 99% percent of you just pronounced the name wrong, so I'll help you out:


Practice that a few times. Of course, the people who are actually reading this blog already know me by my original name, so learning how to say this one really isn't that important. Whatever. At least you know. So one more time, and I even made a picture!!

I kept the same picture to keep things simple. See how considerate I am?


Matheus said...

can i still call you jaci?

or have to be cari from now on? XD

Jacinda said...

I'd prefer Jaci to be honest. It's what everyone knows me by. ^_^ Only people that never knew before would end up calling me Cari.