March 23, 2010

First Steps

As the saying goes, first impressions are everything. So with that being said, my first impression of life of Cerberus can be summed up in the following:

I am not amused.

Like many people, I was among those who stayed up late (read: took a nap earlier and couldn't sleep when I needed to) waiting for the maintenance to finish. Maintenance woes and all that aside, the very first thing I'm privy to witness when I arrive in Whitegate is a joyful conversation between the two newly-joined servers.

Most of the conversations were littered with "F**k Hades / Assholes / GTFO / We don't want you here either"; you know, very welcoming gestures. This has just added to the already uncomfortable feeling I had going into this merge, and more or less solidified my views on the population. So I'm not entirely willing to greet everyone on this server with open arms and a smile. Yes, I know it's wrong to judge an entire area based on the vocal few. Rather than consider them all to be exactly like the others I witnessed, I've instead decided to just keep to myself and not say anything to anyone who is not from my original server.

Biased? Yes. Childish? Perhaps. There's really no logical justification for my actions; it's all emotional. I'm already pissed that someone just had to pull my name out of the pool and force me to change it. Then I log on to start anew and am greeted by spiteful shouts first thing in the morning. Just like a person who doesn't get their coffee, my entire day was more or less shot.

Anyway, I poked around at some of the new content but due to the absolute overcrowding of the server (4500 people before 10am est), things were loading extremely slow. I decided to skip all that and just find something else to do in the meantime. Yay for campaign battle. I at least got my rank back, so that's good news I guess.

Then I went on to see if I could figure out where the latest starting point for the new WotG missions happened to be. Thankfully, I found the spot. Lion Spring's Tavern for the uninformed. Just as I was watching the movies, Lisa noticed where I was and invited me to join the group. They wanted a paladin, and I politely declined. Just not in the mood to tank. Like I said, my day was shot and I just felt pretty blasé. One of the members happened to send me a tell and told me that I wasn't far from where they were and asked if I'd go as BLM. Again, I don't really want to do much as a BLM, but I concluded that doing WotG would actually bring about some joy, and if that meant nuking stuff then I'd just have to deal with it.

On the way there, I happened to /heal to get out of an accidental spellcast I was doing. Just my luck, I happened to have the Abbysean key item that detects the Voidwalkers and right when I knelt down, I was right on top of one. A quick death ensued since I wasn't wearing any gear and didn't have buffs, so that was nice. One quick warp, coming right up.

The WotG missions were fairly enjoyable, even with the mass confusion that one of them put our group through. Unfortunately, Lisa had Limbus and two others left, so now I'm sitting around and hoping that someone else is at the same spot as me and I can get the fight over with.

Back to Whitegate I go, and all the happiness built up from doing those missions faded as soon as I zoned into the area. Maybe all of these people aren't the asses that I saw earlier. Perhaps I could actually really enjoy being on this new server. There's an abundance of possibilities that could very well result in the most enjoyable experience I've had in this game. Sad to say, this server has already left it's mark, and I'm not one to forget things easily.

With every unfamiliar name I come across, I am reminded that while everything looks the simply isn't.