May 9, 2009

3rd Time's a Charm

After the troubles of last Thursday and Friday, I figure that today just has to be better. While checking my inventory, I find that a lvl 65 exp scroll found its way into my inventory from Dynamis last night. Yes!! I could get a small buffer and not be terrified to encounter any enemies until I get a party invite. I change jobs and step outside of my Mog House, tightly clutching my 34 exp that separates me from a nasty and embarrasing level down to 64. Granted, I'm still in Whitegate and I shouldn't die from anything, but stranger things have happened. Using the scroll, I look at my screen with glee as I anticipate a nice reward.

Jacinda gains 57 experience points.

I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was.

Quickly, I ran back into my Mog House to avoid all the "LOL's" that were soon to come by those standing outside who witnessed my reward. Just as I was about to zone, I noticed a shout.

"{The Boyahda Tree} {Weapon Skill} points {Party} {Do you need it?}"

Oh hell yeah. Not only would this allow me to cap my katana, but it would also give me a couple of experience points in the process. So I send a tell to the leader and ask if a 65 Sam would be ok. She says sure, then asks, "You have Gekko?" Damn it. Sadly, I say no and that's the whole reason I want to go. After a pause, she says ok and I tell her that I'll level as fast as I can. I grab my Soboro and some sushi and make my way to the tree. She was a pld, and we also had not one, not even 2, but *3* rdm/nins. Can you say infinite refresh/haste? No? Neither could they.

I ran into a huge problem while there. The crabs kept using that defense bonus, and since I was already using a weak sword, I kept hitting for zero damage. Can't gain skill ups if you don't damage them. After another flurry of gear swaps that resulted in nothing, I asked for dispels. Fortunately, one of the rdms (you know who you are) was able to multitask well. With the defense bonus gone, we were back in business. After about an hour or so, my 24 levels of gimpness turned into an awesome Gekko weaponskill. I think I felt like an actual Samurai then.

Air Ryder, baby!!

Feeling accomplished, I head out to my next goal: Carbuncle Prime. I tried this with a group a few months ago, but ended up leaving right before getting the key item from Leviathan. So this time, we went to Levi first and prepared for battle.

Unfortunately, this preparation took awhile. A long while. Like a really damned long time. That's the downside of doing events with random people. You never know their schedule. I admire the organizer's dedication and patience. He had been looking for people and waiting for them to gather together since at least 7am. I arrived in Whitegate at 9:30, and we didn't actually fight Leviathan until around 1pm. You know what was most frustrating about it all? The fight lasted all of 8 minutes. Almost 6 hours of gathering time for an 8 minute fight. I mean, for all that gathering, you'd expect a truly epic and mindblowing battle, right? No, a few Astral Flows and a little patience resulted in a very smooth, yet short fight. Which I'm thankful for, but at the same, if we could only gather faster.

This is the waiting room. You'll be here for a long time.

After that, we headed to Titan to get the eye for another Summoner. I'm 6/6, so it's just a matter of figuring out when we'll do the actual fight. Another problem with random people is that if you get all of the eyes and someone leaves, chances are that the fill-in won't have 6/6 and your alliance will have to go repeat another fight. Then another summoner leaves, and the process repeats. It gets old very fast. As I said, I admire the organizer's patience. I think when this is over, I'll do something nice for him. Not sure what yet. Maybe buy him some cookies.

Well, I'm off to handle some stuff in reality. Be back with an update on our SCNM later. ^^