May 17, 2009

Prime Time

You ever have something that you've been trying to do for months, only to stop short of the goal? That's how I felt about one of my quests, "Waking the Beast." I'm sure all you Summoners know about this one. For the rest, it's a quest where the Summoners of Vana'diel have to battle Carbuncle and every other avatar with the exceptions of Fenrir and Diabolos (thankfully, or it would be a near impossible battle to win). Anyway, I explained earlier about the length of time it takes to setup on of these runs. To sum it up...way too damn long.

However, yesterday was different. It still took awhile for the setup, but it was different because we didn't go to fight avatars for key items. This time, we went straight to Full Moon Fountain. The final fight was at hand.

The fight itself isn't incredibly hard in theory but, near the end, it gets a bit crazy. At the start, it's basically one SMN party against Carbuncle (Carby) Prime. Once his health drops 25%, he vanishes and summons one of the other prime avatars. A second SMN party defeats it, and Carby reappears. This repeats until the final moments of the fight. By the time Carby makes his last appearance, we are fighting him and 4 of his clones. What makes this hard is that each clone uses Astral Flow every 60 seconds. If you've ever been inside Full Moon Fountain, you know that it's not a very large area. The chances of being caught in an astral attack are pretty high, and it's a near guarantee that if you're'll die.

We failed the first two attempts. So close to the end on both. The third attempt was met with overwhelming success. I'm not sure how many Summoners on my server have actually finished this battle, but I know it's not a high number. For many, this is the ultimate battle that a Summoner can face, and the reward is a very prestigious one. Unfortunately, you don't get the awesome weapon of doom as a reward, but what you do get is recognition for accomplishing what is arguably one of the toughest NM fights around.

Now with that behind me, we can move on to the rest of night. We did another Einherjar run, and instead of undead dogs, we had undead skeletons. >.> I hate fighting undead. The battles take too blasted long, and Sleepga is mostly useless. Still, we ran through them and got to the Mega Boss. We've actually fought this one before. Looks like a big buffalo. We ran out of time with less than 2% remaining. That sucks.

For our final event, we went back to Beadeaux [S] for more SNM fun. Looks like we aren't doing the actual SCNM for awhile. Think we're just going after pop sets and then we'll do a few runs of the final fight. I can't wait till we go into Castle Oztroja [S]. Failnaught {Yes, please}.

Oh! We did another Brothers run today. Guess what I got? Yeah, more lumber. This ENM is starting to annoy me.