May 11, 2009

Bossing Around

Wasn't really expecting today to be an eventful day. It is Sunday, after all. Did a little partying with SAM, but unfortunately didn't get a level. Still at 65, but loving some Tachi: Gekko. Figured out how to make some skillchains, so that made me a little proud. Yeah, yeah; I can just look on Wiki. Things tend to stick in my head if I just figure things out instead of reading a guide. I'm backwards, I know.

Anyway, just as my party ends, I get a tell from Davik asking if he wants to continue our little tradition. Which, of course, is the Brothers ENM. I'm all about getting some gil, so it's only natural that I say yes. Plus it was a chance to see Jormy. Who can pass that up? So off we go, but Epic wasn't online at the time. Next week though, I'm sure.

No good drops. A couple of swords and that damned Cassia Lumber again. It taunts me. The treasure pool says "Hey, we were going to put that 1 mil Hedgehog Bomb here, but we figured the lumber would be less of a burden for you." So considerate.

We take a break and then decide to just duo for awhile. Right when I sign on, I catch a shout for a Swift Belt run. w00t! I needed one of those, so it was a no brainer to jump on the opportunity. We get geared up and head to the Sacrarium. After a couple of mishaps in the beginning, we get things underway. Then, our SAM dc's and never returns. Our WHM goes treasure hunting while waiting for the SAM, and our THF aggros two Fomors and gets killed. Fortunately, I was there as an RDM and was able to keep things going until the WHM returned. Our SAM never came back, so we ended up disbanding. This is when I should have realized it would be better for me to sign off and just clean my kitchen. At least I didn't waste my codex.

We leave there, and I take another break. Upon my return this time, I figure I'll go party. One thing about partying as SAM; it's an awesome job. Very fun and exciting. As such, EVERYONE wants to be a SAM. So there are 10,000 Samurai on my server, and our population is 10,001.

With no luck on the party search, I see some chatter in the shell about a Nyzul run for the Askar Korazin. Yet another thing I'd like. I had an extra tag, so why not? While waiting for the group to gather, I figure I'll go dink around with Campaign Battles. Each zone I went to had this awesome result. The battle ended the second I got my tags. I was overjoyed, really.

Who needs campaign battles when you have a loyal following of mutant onions?

Finally, we depart for Nyzul Isle. Last time, this run went horribly wrong. Today; however, the power of teamwork was on our side. We made it to Khimmy with exactly 10 minutes to spare, instead of the 4:30 from last time. So it was a much smoother battle. Deaths still happened, but we had a successful run. No Askar, but Davik did score a Goliard Saio. Go Davik! I got a Windslicer, so Tachi: Rana shall soon be mine.

We decided to keep the momentum going and hit another NM for some loot. Time to climb that mountain! If you aren't familiar with the hidden meaning, I'm referring to Parradamo Tor, the wonderful mountain that everyone loves to climb. Look it up on YouTube. You'll love it. After getting the key item, we head to Boneyard Gully and chase after the Antlion ENM. We made fairly quick work of it; even skipping the baby antlions in the process. Didn't find a Hagun, but Miliani got herself a Forager's Mantle. ^^ There was some other item in there, but I think it worth a whopping 2k. Same as that damned lumber. It's a conspiracy; I just know it.

For the last boss of the night, we ran to the Jade Sepulcher to do the Shadows of the Mind ISNM. I always liked this fight because I think it's the shortest one of every xNM out there. We got two or three Khroma ores; my memory's a bit hazy because it's 2:42 am and I need to be awake in 2 hours. Oh, I wasn't one of the lucky winners. I got a puk wing and some putty. I bet if I dipped the putty in tar and waited for it dry, I could probably pass it off as some Khroma Ore. I'll have to look into that.

Anway, sleep calls, and I must answer. Night everyone. More silly blogging tomorrow.