May 9, 2009

I hate Colibri, and Colibri hate me

Friday was a decent day. Except for all the exp loss, but we'll touch on that later. Now that I'm a proud owner of Penta Thrust, it hasn't been so hard to get parties as a Samurai. Yeah I know, the staple move of the Dragoon is the reason Samurai's with polearms get parties from 55-65. Anyway...

The party started off well. We had a Paladin, two Rangers (!!), myself, a Red Mage, and a Dragoon. Considering our target, this seemed to be a pretty badass party. It was, except for the times when the Pld had this extra long delay on using Provoke. It's a learning experience, but still. Even I was having trouble. At my last party, I was hitting Penta Thrust for 600-900, but for some reason, I was having trouble breaking 400. Very frustrating. I kept switching gear in the party, trying to find a combination that would result in higher damage. No luck. I was stuck on "suck mode" and couldn't figure out what was going on.

Thankfully, the RNGs took up the slack, but that didn't make me feel any better. The party let me stay (Thank you!!), and I even managed to get a level before leaving. Whoo Hoo! 65 Samurai. I switched to my Soboro and then really got pissed. Tachi: Yukikaze for 200?? What the hell. Then it hit me. My katana skill was 24 levels behind. Damn you Level Sync!!

65 Samurai!! {All Right} Now to just get Tachi: Gekko >.<

After a couple of deaths in the party, it was finally time for us to disband. As I got ready to warp back, it dawned on me that my cudgel was in my mog house. Strike 1. I start running back with the DRG and we pass an Olden Treant who happens to catch sight of me. /sigh, Strike 2. Seigan and Third Eye only delayed the inevitable. By the way, the DRG kept running.

Realizing how bad my Katana skill was, I decided to try my luck against a Lesser Colibri and get some skill ups. I mean, come on...I'm a 65 Samurai! Yeah...the Colibri reminded me that a 65 still gets hurt by Pecking Flurry. Strike 3, and I'm out. So, there I sat in Whitegate, afraid to go beyond my Mog House now that I'm 34 exp into 65. I could git hit by a pebble and Level Down. 5k exp loss. Completely wasted my exp band.

We had Dynamis-Beaucdine later that night. Lots of AF, and I died again. I swear, it just wasn't my day. Needless to say, I signed off as soon as it was done. The next day just had to be better.