May 9, 2009

Nyzul Nightmares

Fortune was on my side as I found myself with 4 Assault tags last Thursday. I love it when that happens. While in Whitegate, I heard a shout for a Floor 80 Nyzul Isle run, and Askar was available for lotting! O.O On our server, Askar is a very desirable item, so you don't see people willing to leave the body piece open for everyone to lot on. With a quick tell to the leader, I was accepted and we gathered. I forgot the setup, but we were geared up to whip some tail.

Soon as we got in, we were given the "All" objective. Usually, I like those because they're more fun. Unfortunately, the first enemy we encountered was Serket. Now as far as I remember, "All" excluded NMs but my group was determined to literally kill everything. We spent several minutes taking it down, but were victorious in the end. Climbed a few more floors and got another "All." Damn it. While going through the room, we ended up finding some Puddings. Usually not a big deal, except for when you have a melee heavy party and your mages are low on mp. A couple of deaths later and we cleared the floor. On to floor 80.

Yeah, this was fun. I was weakened and the DD decided to use body boosts. That's all well and good, but it doesn't do you any good to use the boost and then not get your HP fully restored. We had roughly 4:30 to beat Khimaira, so we got to it. Rushed in and unloaded on it.

Not exactly the result we were hoping for...

It was a fun attempt, at least. A little later, my Assault static signed on and we went to get some rank points. We ended up doing the Grass Conservation, where the bunnies need to be, well, dealt with. You all know how I love bunnies.

Poor Quigly though. He wasn't having a great day. Soon as we got in, he saw a group of them together, so he hit one with stun. I think he forgot that they linked. Before you know it, we had six of them on one side, and then more coming from behind. I don't remember if he was able to cast or not before they dropped him. However, we ended up with a new strategy instead of the standard deal of killing one at a time. There were only 4 of us, so we let Renatto (RNG) run out and have some solo fun. Quigly, Saren, and myself would gather them up and sleepga, then time nuke with blizzaga and thundaga. Gets a little hectic at times, but it was so much more fun that way. Oh! We got to see something quite amazing too. Quigly was double weakened and hit a bunny with Thunder IV for 0. Never saw that before.

I was playing golf with bunnie heads. FORE!!