May 2, 2009

Fail +3

Let's see...where to begin? Oh!

First fail of the day, Promyvion-Mea.

By all accounts, it's the easiest of the three promy areas, and can do it with very little effort. All you need is a decent setup, which we had a NIN, MNK, SAM, WHM, and SMN x 2. That party of made of win, right? Well...not quite. We lost to the Delver at roughly 7% or so. Yeah...7%. Very frustrating to be so close and lose.

What was more frustrating was the tactics employed. Everything was working fine, and it's HP was going down according to plan. Near the end though, we had used all of the animas and Delver started using that damned Carousel attack, which started dropping people one by one. Now here is what frustrated me. Why wait until you are nearly dead to activate your 2hr when you can already see a dire situation coming? I realize that most of the time, the 2hr is a last ditch effort, but if it's an ability that takes time to really matter, i.e. Astral Flow, Hundred Fists, etc...then don't wait until you've only got a couple of hits before you die. The moment your move starts generating hate, you'll get the enemy on you and get yourself killed before you can really get the most out of your ability.

We basically waited too late to really throw down, and lost the fight as a result. At least there was a Besieged going on, so I just hp'ed to Whitegate and got my 2hr back. No exp loss or 2hr wasted, but frustrating nonetheless.

Fail number 2: Brothers ENM.

Now this is a bit different from the last fail, because we didn't fail. We climbed Uleguerand Range without any problems, but did get some minor aggro and had to logout once. Basic stuff. We slid down the range and had a good ol' time. We were 3/3 for sliding down the slope that day (all of us made it first attempt), so no one had to get themselves killed and tractored up, which usually ends up being me. However, my mind was off in la la land on the way back to the Galka, cause like a fool, I just started running up the mountain again until I asked my friends how far ahead they were. Then they said "we're at the Galka..."

Son of a...I knew I had forgot something.

So back I went. Got my fan and off to the ENM we go. On the way there, I had to stop by Jormungand to take some pictures. Maybe he'll enjoy the company and let me sit next to him one day cause no one pays him any attention on my server. Anyway, we made it inside Bearclaw Pinnacle and got prepped for battle. The fight goes according to plan when our back up BLM, Booka' gets positioned to re-sleep the tauri once the first Sleepga wears off. The moment she gets ready to cast, the tauri wakes up and usues the doom move. >.< One blm down, despite Epic's frantic attempt to clear it with Cursna. Reraise saves the day!!

We drop the tauri and I head to the chest. To be sillly, I use my /salute emote on the chest with a little message of praise to Yevon. The chest opens and we find....a damned piece of Cassie Lumber. Hooray for a 2k item. /sigh

Final Fail:

So I've been leveling Samurai and having an awesome time with the job. Unfortunately, I'm one of those sams who care less about a polearm and more about the katana. When it was time to fight the Colibri, I didn't have Penta Thrust. Fail on my part, I guess. To make up for it, I bought a polearm and got to work. Skill up after skill up, and wasted a good stack of sushi for trying to hit level 50 enemies with a polearm skill of 0. After 2 days of skilling, I stumbled upon a JP duo in Kuftal Tunnel who graciously allowed me to join them. Surprisngly, they had polearm equipped NPCs who kept throwing penta thrust in my face while I kept spamming double thrust. Damn them. Finally, I get my weaponskill and I can hear the FF victory fanfare going off in my head. Hooray!!

Feeling a bit better since I got something good accomplished today, I log out and get ready for bed. But it couldn't be that simple, now could it? Nope, POL greeted me with this awesome little message: "POL-5434, The PlayOnline ID with this account has been suspended."

What the hell? I play on Xbox, never used a third party tool in my Vana'dielian (sp) life, and don't RMT. So why am I suspended? Of course, it's Saturday morning and Customer Service is closed, so I can't do a damn thing about it.

Great day, huh? I'd post the pictures I took, but like I account's suspended. ; ;


T said...

*Hugs.* Sorry bout the run of bad luck. But... It can only get better from here. =)