May 14, 2009

In search of...

An update, perhaps? Yeah, I know I got behind. I kept going to sleep late and never posted what was happening. So, a brief review:

May 11: The Real Nyzul Nightmare

I'm going to be brief. It was bad. We failed 2/3 attempts, so we only climbed 5 floors instead of 15. The first fail was due to an enemy being engaged before the the full party arrived and the mages were wiped without reraise. Simple mistake, but frustrating nonetheless. Damned custards. Then we climbed to the last floor and failed on lamps. You could tell people were hot. Hell, I know I was, but it happens. Finally, we had a successful run. I was glad but, I was so irritated and whatnot that I just didn't have any motivation do anything, so I signed off for the night. Simply had a feeling that it would be best.

May 12: "Die and a Miss" - Qufim

At least this was fun. I'll give it that. I still need this and Dynamis-Buburimu cleared before I'm able to enter Tavnazia. Not sure what drops there, as I'm too lazy to look it up. I just want to know if there's more storyline to get. I so love a good story, or even a semi-cheesy one. Depends on the mood. On topic though, we gather the group and head out. We had a really good run in there. No deaths, got a couple of AF pieces, and things were going well. We got to the Mega Boss and he just had to ruin our streak.

Seriously, the moment he made it to the group...Giga Slam. I think almost half of the alliance wiped on that single attack. All I saw was "wtf???" scroll in the chat log. One guy died so fast that he wasn't able to get a single weaponskill off. Bagel, our PLD, really held her own. By the end of the ordeal, it was down to just the two of us. My only saving grace was distance, which proved moot after Bagel was down. I think he picked up a piece of Delkfut's Tower and threw at me. It wasn't pretty.

Next time though, that bastard is going down.

May 13th, Fun at last

I don't have pictures from the other two days, so sorry for that. However, I did take a couple of shots yesterday. Yay!!

First, we had Limbus. As usual, we were warned not to aggro anything. So I aggroed an Om'Phaubo. What can I say...aggro is fun. Working up the courage to aggro an Om'Yovra. Maybe that will be Sunday's goal. It's just a jellyfish, after all. We did an Apollyon run, where certain floors had different attack resistances. I had just woke up though, so I was half-asleep for the majority of the run. >.> Several upgrade items, including some gold studs for DNC. I thought about lotting them, since I had the other item, but I passed and just deleted the other upgrade pieces I had in storage when we got back.

Got a quick nap, and then our next event: Einherjar!!!

Yes! Now this is an event I can get behind. This is the single reason I enjoy being a Black Mage in endgame. I don't know why; I just feel more useful here than anywhere else. I got there way too early though; I think I was excited. So after falling asleep at Nashmau, I headed off to the testing grounds. I ended up playing gate guard at the entrance and just killed those imps and mini-roaches to keep the area clear and help out if ls mates caught aggro. Getting caught off guard by those can be nasty for anyone. We didn't win this time; we had to fight a Marlboro who kept stealing everyone's buffs. We knocked off about 85% or more of its health, so it was a good effort on everyone's part. Failure or not, I am so glad we're doing this event again.

Before the end of the night, we decided to take a shot at Jade Sepulcher again. You know I won't pass this up. Fun, fast, and a guaranteed 12k. I'm all in. Oddly enough, the first person got the drop again, and everyone else got Chocobo eggs. Makes you wonder about the ancestry of Chocobos, considering we fought a Puk. Whatever. The important part is that I didn't get an ore again. So I'll be sure to go at the next attempt. Glutton for punishment...yeah, that's me.

What? Like you don't /dance4 when you get bored. >.>